I would highlight two basic sources that have nourished me and catalyzed my artistic awakening:

1) Continued practice of Katsu-gen (self-regenerating spontaneous movement) with Carme Sala from 1994 to 2000. This “discipline” has become the foundation of my artistic vision, and I have incorporated it as the basis from which I express myself, With:

2) Regular classes of corporal expression and technique Laban with Teresa Monsegur. Creation of a dance-expression-theater group under his direction, from 1997 to 2001.

Apart from this I will refer the main references that I have had:

Body expression: Teresa Monsegur, Anton Font (El Timbal).

Contemporary dance and improvisation: Pere Jané, Olga Tragant, Rosa Muñoz, Andrés Corchero (BUtoh, Bodyweather), Carme Torrent …

Theater and  interpretation: Lluís Elías (Els Joglars), Cristina Lugstenmann,

Therapeutic theater: Jorge Villalonga

Physical theater: Jordi Cortés, Moveo Teatre

Clown: Claret Papiol, Jango Edwards, Laura Hearts, Caroline Dream, Merche Ochoa …

Buffoon: Lluís Eliás, Merche Ochoa.

Neutral and larval mask: Javier Villena, Luis Elias.

And other contacts and references that would be too verbose to refer.

1) At the dome of “Els Joglars”

2) With Lluís Elias

3) “Pleasure and pain”, with half mask.

4) With neutral mask.